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Being the secretary is a lot of work.
Why not make it as easy as you can?

Lab Tested Databases can help make your next dog show or trial a success.  With user-friendly forms, Lab Tested Databases require only the most basic familiarity with computers.  The databases are designed to walk you through, step-by-step, the tasks required for your event .  Handling entries is a snap: from just one screen, you can find or add an exhibitor or dog and put in the entry.  All the forms are straightforward and easy to read.  The required reports for your event are produced automatically; additional reports to facilitate smooth running of your show are provided as well.  Computer scoring provides marked catalogs and result sheets for the judges and the sanctioning organization.

Customized Databases
Lab Tested Databases are available for almost any dog event you have planned.  Each database provides all the functions necessary for your event to be a success.  For information about a particular database, click on the link below.

    Agility Solution   (AKC, UKC)
    Obedience Solution (AKC)      includes Rally
    Specialty Solution  (AKC)
    Herding Solution  (AKC)
    Earthdog Solution  (AKC)
    Fast Cat Solution  (AKC)

System Requirements
The databases require Microsoft Access (2007 or above). Macs require PC emulation software to run Microsoft Access.

We provide full support by email (preferred) or phone, including transfer of any existing exhibitor and dog information to your Lab Tested Database.


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